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Terence Bell

Philip Burgert, writing on ResourceInvestor.com earlier this week, highlighted what may be the beginning of a WTO case against Chinese RE export restrictions:

"A trade case filed late last week by the United Steelworkers union against an array of Chinese policies and practices that the union says threaten the future of America’s alternative and renewable energy sector makes the country’s restrictions of access to rare earth materials a top complaint."

He goes on to point out that the trade case emphasizes the cost benefits provided to Chinese manufacturers by export restraints, particularly in green technology industries.

Although the timing of the filing, without question, is highly politicized - the Obama Administration will need to make a decision whether to accept the case a week prior to mid-term elections - support for such a case is growing quickly.

To read the full article, click here:


I wish I had a witty comment to make on your article, but all I can say is this is awesome! I love your writing.

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