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solar panels

Shouldn't the decline of these metals help the solar industry produce cheaper solar panels?

SMI Ltd.

The cost of producing CIGS solar cells is already very competitive compared with producing silicon wafer panels, but efficiency levels have kept CIGS cells limited to niche applications. This will continue to be the case whether the price of indium and gallium are $400/kg or $1000/kg.

The question is how large this market is going to be in 2, 5 and 10 years time, and whether CIGS can improve efficiency levels to be a cost-effective choice in the face of a growing diversity of alternative energy options.

Placas solares precios

Metal-pages.com Have very interesting information. I did not know about that page. Nice to read this site, as always.

china outsourcing

With intense competition at both the corporate and national levels, the profitability of solar energy companies is under growing pressure. Government austerity measures, low energy prices and slow economic growth contributed to First Solar cutting its 2011 sales expectations.

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