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Terence Bell

Wealth Products Threaten China Banks on Ponzi-Scheme Risk
Bloomberg News (July 16, 2013)

"As investors pile in, financial firms need more inflows of cash to pay off maturing products, resulting in mounting risks that prompted China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiao Gang to call them a “Ponzi scheme” even before the latest record purchases."


- With China's WMP market now valued at about $1.3 trillion (dollars, not yuan) and a 35% cap on "non-standard" assets only being recently introduced, how much money from wealth management products has been directed into the supposed $1 billion that Fanya is holding in indium?


Good article but it didn't list the biggest Western investment fund for indium, SMG, or new companies that allow physical investment like Preciousmetalpurchase. Although still small compared to the Chinese investment firms, Western outlets such as these could eventually spike demand.

Terence Bell

Yes, thanks for bringing this up Andrey. As of May 2013, SMG held 50MT of indium. Still much less than the more 1400MT that Fanya is currently reporting (Sept. 2013), but SMG and the increasing number of Western indium investment companies do have an impact on the global supply/demand picture. The same questions remains: When and how are these investors going to divest their stocks of indium?

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